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Livonia is a special place to call home.  I know, because Livonia is my home.  And I am running for mayor because I want Livonia to be the best possible home for every person who chooses to live here.

From my days as a student at Lincoln Elementary school - where a stray turkey from Roperti’s farm would sometimes make its way onto the playground - to my senior year of high school when I graduated as president of my class at Bentley, Livonia has always been a part of me.  A lot has changed over the years, but a lot has stayed the same.  Neighbors helping neighbors, a sense of community, great schools, walkable neighborhoods with ample parks and green space, a vibrant business community, and top notch public safety.

My father Glen Toy was officer number six on the Livonia Police department and my mother Eileen was a schoolteacher.  I learned early on the value of hard work and of serving others.  My brother Glen Jr. was disabled from birth and throughout my career in public service I have drawn so much inspiration from his life. 

As a young woman, I opened a small business in Livonia with my friend and business partner Colleen Siembor.  More than one person told us “two girls in a flower shop will never make it”.  But we did.  Today, Cardwell Florist is still a thriving business on Plymouth Road, just outside of the Rosedale Gardens neighborhood.  It has been such an honor and privilege to share in the lives of our customers, on some of their happiest days - and on some of their saddest. 

Over the years, I have had the great fortune to serve my neighbors in Livonia as both a volunteer and elected leader.  I started as an intern for former Mayor Ed McNamara, who helped me to open the first recycling center in the city.  Our motto was “to wait is too late”. 

Today, I stand ready to help shape the future of Livonia: to put our city at the forefront of the new economy, to embrace technology, to look at creative solutions to our problems, empower our young people to be the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, and to continue serving the city I love and the people who call it home.  In everything we do, we must remember our city’s motto which proclaims “Families First”.       

We must keep Livonia affordable - for our seniors on fixed incomes, and for new families who have stretched their budgets to buy a home in our great city.  We must be innovative and work with our schools and universities and partner with our businesses to move forward together as a city.  New development in Livonia must consider the input of neighbors and must help to support the property values of homeowners. 

To do this, we must set the right priorities in our budget, like public safety, roads, and maintaining strong services for our seniors and the disabled.  We must also support our small businesses and job providers to keep Livonia’s economy strong and our business tax base robust to avoid tax increases for residents.     

Most importantly, as we embrace the future, we must never forget the things we do not want to change: our strong sense of community, our great programs for seniors and many recreation opportunities for youth, family-friendly events like the parade and Spree, and excellent city services for our residents.  We need to continue to build on our strengths and make this a welcoming place to live and work for all people.

I am running for mayor because my heart is in this city and I will work hard every day to see that it continues to be a special place to call home.  Please join me. 

Let’s work together and let’s make great things happen!


All the Best,

Laura Toy




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Friday, March 8, 2019 1:00 PM

Laura M. Toy Announces Run for Livonia Mayor

For Immediate Release
March 8, 2019
Laura M. Toy Announces Run for Livonia Mayor

LIVONIA, MI - Laura M. Toy announced she is running for Livonia Mayor today. Toy is currently President of the Livonia City Council and would be the city’s first female mayor if elected in November.

“I’m so pleased to announce our campaign for Livonia’s future,” said Toy who is also a Livonia small business owner of Cardwell Florist on Plymouth Rd. “I love this city and its people. Especially for our size, we have such a sense of community and we should treasure that and protect it.”

“We have excellent programs for our seniors and youth, top-notch public safety and city services, great events like the parade and Spree, and some of the best schools around,” Toy said. “We need to continue to build on our strengths and make this a welcoming place to live and work for all people.”

“Laura Toy loves this city, you can really tell that about her,” said Jim Crowley who joined Toy at Livonia City Hall to sign as her witness on filing paperwork. “She has a passion for helping others just like I do. That’s why I think Laura is the best choice to be our next mayor,” continued Crowley who is a Livonia resident and volunteer best known for shoveling snow and mowing lawns free of charge for local seniors and disabled residents.

Among Toy’s priorities, she says high on the list is keeping the city within financial reach for the many seniors and young families who call Livonia home. She also highlighted the need for smart development that “fits” with existing neighborhoods.

“We have great city services and you want to maintain that, but at the same time you can’t price people out,” Toy said. “Seniors are on fixed incomes, young families buying homes in the city are already stretching their budgets, you have to be fiscally responsible with people’s tax dollars.”

“Laura Toy is honest and genuine, you never doubt that she’s representing you,” said local resident Joann Seaman. Seaman and her twin sister Janet Hicks are very active Livonia seniors who are both supporting Toy for mayor.

In regards to development in the city, Toy says that balance must be sought between the interests of landowners and developers and those of residents. She also has serious questions about a proposal to sell Wayne County park land for development.

“You need to hear the voice of the people in what you’re doing,” Toy said. “Owners have a right to make productive use of their land, but you don’t want one sided decisions, you want win-wins that consider the input of neighbors too.”

“I do have strong concerns about the proposal by Wayne County to sell park land to developers” Toy said. “There has been an outcry from residents on this. As I understand it some of this land was donated to be used as parks and there may be deed restrictions to consider. I think we need to look at this very carefully and demand transparency from the county.”

Toy is a lifelong Livonia resident and graduated from Bentley High School where she was president of her class. She got her start in community service by creating the city’s first recycling center with the help of former Mayor Ed McNamara. Toy went on to win election to the Schoolcraft College board, as well as serve on the city council, as city treasurer, and to represent Livonia in the state legislature.

“I have deep roots in this community,” Toy said. “My father was badge number six on the Livonia Police Department. My heart is in this city and I will work hard every day to see that it continues to thrive.”

Livonia is the ninth largest city in Michigan and third largest in Wayne County. In 2017, named the city’s 48154 zip code the second hottest real estate market in the country. Livonia has received numerous other accolades including Top 100 Best Cities to Raise a Family, Top 10 Happiest Cities, and one of the safest large cities in the country.

Current Mayor Dennis Wright has formally announced he will not seek reelection due to health concerns.


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